WoW TBC Classic: Hallow’s End Candy Buffs


Eat candy and make use of these buffs in raids!

 Hallow’s End Candy Buffs End won’t be in full swing until the Wickerman Festival enters its climax. However, there’s a reason to eat the candies in your inventory because they can be helpful on your adventures. Players have discovered that these buffs remain active in raids, despite the general nerf to world buffs in Classic. It’s an incentive to collect all the candy you can. It also gives players another use for these buffs other than farming WoW TBC gold or hunting for TBC items Hallow’s End Candy Buffs.

What are Candy Buffs?

As its name would suggest, they’re buffs players get from eating various candy you can obtain through the Handful of Candy. Other candies (those you don’t get from the Handful of Candy) all have restorative effects. Like most food in WoW, however, players are required to sit still while they eat. 

The four candies you get from a Handful of Candy are G.N.E.R.D.S, Pyroblast Cinnamon Ball, Chewy Fel Taffy, and Soothing Spearmint Candy. These all have varying effects compared to the ones you get from other events. They don’t restore health but instead give buffs to your character, depending on the candy eaten. 

G.N.E.R.D.S. (Gnomish Nutritional Effervescent Remarkably Delicious Sweets) – Increases Defense rating by 5.

Pyroblast Cinnamon Ball – Increases the damage done from spells by up to 6.

Chewy Fel Taffy – Increases hit rating by 5.

Soothing Spearmint Candy – Increases healing done by magical spells by up to 11.

All these buffs last for 30 minutes each and may be reapplied as long as you still have candies left to eat. They may be small boosts, but every little bit helps when running a challenging raid.

What Does This Mean for the Invocation of the Wickerman?

As nobody can test for it yet, it’s still up in the air. The Invocation of the Wickerman is a buff from the Wickerman’s Ember (Horde) or the Wickerman Guardian’s Ember (Alliance). When the Festival starts, Horde players can pick up an ember at night (8PM-6AM, server time) and use it to get the buff.

Alliance players must defeat a Wickerman Guardian and loot an ember from its corpse. It’s a difficult fight, so bring your friends to help you through it. The Guardian drops more than one ember, so the party can all loot one for the buff.

If it does end up working in raids, it’s going to be great news for raiders. It provides a 10% increase to experience and reputation gain for two whole hours. Raiding can become a viable level grinding place, so you don’t have to rely on Burning Crusade power leveling services too much. It also helps when grinding reputation levels, something that can be time-consuming otherwise.


Taking advantage of the event means eating a lot of candy and having fun with their effects. While it can be almost negligible, they’re easy-to-sustain boosts since you get so much candy throughout the event. Even if you can’t play, it’s easy to still benefit from the event using TBC power leveling services. Enjoying the event doesn’t even require you to buy TBC gold, though if you don’t have an account it’s an option to buy WoW TBC account

These candies can only be obtained during the event, so hoard and use them while the event is ongoing! They’re common enough that you won’t need to buy them with TBC Classic gold. Just participate in the event, do the quests, and you’ll have all the candy you’ll need in your adventures.

Don’t save them up, as they last from a day to two weeks. You’ll get plenty of replacement candy anyway, so eating a bunch shouldn’t leave you feeling guilty. At least it’s virtual, which means you won’t get sick from gobbling them all up. Sure, you won’t taste them either, but that’s not such a bad thing. It certainly beats having a sugar crash and then dealing with the aftermath.

If you’re not participating in the event, now is the time to do so. This “bug” might be fixed in the next reset, and that’s only a few days away. There’s no official word on whether this was intended or not so it’s likely this will be gone by then. Still, eating candies is within the spirit of the holiday, and some players can’t leave their homes to go trick or treating. It’s the next best thing to celebrate the spooky season.

Enjoy World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade!


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