What are the Best Bonus Symbols in Slots?

Bonus Symbols in Slots

The bonus symbol in a new slot game is probably the most appreciated in the paytable. The bonus symbol appeared at slots even before they entered the digital world. These symbols hold the key to opening the way to a world of winnings.

Bonus Symbols in Slots

What are Bonus Symbols?

As their name suggests, bonus symbols can trigger a Bonus Feature in an online slot game if you land the correct number of instances in the same spin. Often, the bonus symbol performs the same thing as the scatter symbol. Sometimes, they both trigger the Free Spins round, but this doesn’t mean one can’t function independently.

For instance, some slot games use the scatter symbol to trigger the free spins and bonus symbols to trigger a different bonus game. A perfect example is the Mystic Chief slot—the two symbols trigger various features and combine in the Free Spins round to help you land a lucrative win. In the base game, the bonus transforms random characters into non-expanding wilds, and in the Free Spins, the bonus symbol awards more free games when it appears.

Bonus symbols appear as words across the game. For instance, it often appears as the word ‘BONUS’ or ‘JACKPOT.’ 

Bonus Features Triggered by Bonus Symbols

The bonus symbol can trigger any bonus round, and it is up to the provider to build whatever extra feature they want to make the most out of their game. Generally, bonus symbols trigger the following features:

Free Spins

In some slots, the bonus symbol often plays a similar role to the scatter symbol. An example is Buffalo King Megaways. The bonus symbol activates the Free Spins game and, at the same time, pays out 100x the bet for landing up to six of the symbols anywhere on the reels.

Pick Me Bonus

The Pick’EM or Pick Me bonus is triggered by landing three relevant bonus symbols on the reels. You are taken to the second screen, where you can choose eight to 12 objects. Each one contains a cash prize, a multiplier, or free spins. You are given several picks or can continue picking until you hit the ‘Collect” symbol. After that, you are directed back to the reels and continue playing the game as usual.     

Jackpot Bonus Feature

The bonus symbol can also trigger a jackpot. In Pragmatic Play’s slots, this round is usually a find-and-match kind. An example of a slot with this bonus round is the Money Machine slot. In this game, the jackpot is triggered in three ways: hitting the 3x Bonus Symbols on the second, third, and fourth reels.

Trail Bonus

The trail bonus is triggered by landing three or more bonus symbols on the reels. When playing, you are taken to a second screen where you will spin a wheel or roll a dice to move a character along a prize trail. You can win cash prizes, prize multipliers, or free spins. Getting to the end can trigger a jackpot.

Bonus symbols play an integral part in online slots. They hold the key to landing a substantial win whenever they appear on the reels.


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