What are Pay by Mobile Slots?

Pay by Mobile Slots

Before addressing this question, let’s provide some context –pay by mobile is a payment method that allows players to fund their casino accounts through their phones – play online slot games UK. It differs from Visa or Apple Pay because it takes funds from your actual mobile bill, not your bank account or banking app. This payment method provides mobile slot players convenience, safety, and confidentiality.

Now that you know what pay by mobile is, we can look at the pay by mobile slots. As the name suggests, pay-by-mobile slots offer players the option to pay with the pay-by-mobile method using their mobile phones. Read through the paragraphs below to see how you can settle all your bills and payment methods in one place.

Pay by Mobile Slots

Phone providers that accept pay-by-mobile slots

When choosing a phone provider for pay-by-mobile slots, there’s a 99% chance that the phone provider you’re currently using offers pay-by-mobile functionality. Using this method makes your experience more convenient. A quick google search will tell you whether your phone provider provides pay by mobile. Some top phone providers that provide the service include EE, o2, Virgin, BT mobile, and Three mobile.

Making deposits

To get started, make sure that you have a registered phone number. Set up the number to process mobile payments. If you use prepaid mobile services, you need to have enough credit to cover the amount you want to deposit. Once you meet these requirements, the next step is to join a pay-by-mobile slot site or application.

There are different ways to deposit using your mobile slot sites, like pay-as-you-go SIM, where you get charged immediately or pay by mobile credit. Without having to put your credit card details, select the amount you’d like to deposit, and the casino will add this to the next bill of the mobile number registered to your casino account.

You can access this deposit option by clicking the phone bill option in the game menu. After clicking, you can select the deposit amount of £3, £5, or £10, then confirm your deposit, which the system will instantly add to your account. After confirming your payment details, you’re set to play.

Benefits of play by mobile slot sites

There are many advantages and reasons why you would prefer to play slots at pay-by-mobile sites. Let’s look at why many slot players love mobile payment sites.

·         It’s quick and easy

By looking at the steps described earlier, it’s clear that the pay by phone method is a fast payment method. The critical requirement is to have a registered phone number and a mobile service provider. Once you do that, you can deposit funds to your account and play within minutes.

·         Safe and secure

If you’ve used other payment methods, you’ve shared crucial details with the casino site. You’re not required to share such info with a site at pay-by-mobile slots casinos. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about other people accessing your credit card details.

 As you can see, it is easy to make payments using your mobile toa gear. Several slots sites accept this option, which makes it easy and convenient to players that prefer this payment mode.


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