Ways to Achieve the Other Half Sword in Destiny 2

Sword in Destiny

The other half sword was introduced to Destiny 2 after the arrival of the 30th Anniversary. The sword is popular among fans as it is one of its kind and rare too. This is surely one incredible weapon to get in the game that only some players become lucky enough for.

If you are also looking to grab the sword because this Halo-inspired sword drives you crazy, then we have your back. Let’s read along with these amazingly helpful tips, and you can increase your chances to earn the other half-sword too.

Sword in Destiny

Claim the Magnificent Blade with These Tips

Xur’s Treasure Hoard is your ultimate place that holds your other half sword. This is the ultimate destination where players must arrive if they want to claim the weapon.

First, you need to choose Eternity in the Destinations and move forward while praying for some luck on your side.

Also, just like the other half sword, Neuroma is another weapon you can consider having in the arsenal. Players buy Silicon Neuroma from the in-game services, which saves them grinding time since the pro players play on their behalf and get them this excellent sniper rifle plus all the perks of the loot.

Once you have reached the Xur’s treasure chest, you need to utilize a Treasure Key. This key is the one tool that can open the chest and get you the mysterious sword. However, obtaining the key is the prime task that takes players hours of grinding.

Obtain Treasure Keys

The simplest and quickest method to obtain these keys is to access them from Starhorse. However, you need to have enough Strange Coins, the currency of Destiny 2. One key costs you 10 of these coins. Those who do not have enough coins have to play Dares of Eternity and return to the chest when they have enough currency in their pockets.

Playing the Dares of Eternity is accessible to all the players. You can gather friends or other players to play it with you. Each player can complete each session which guarantees a Treasure Key drop. This way, players can increase their chances to purchase the treasure key using minimum Strange Coins.

Don’t Forget to Collect the Bounties

You grab this bounty from the magical horse that is also a part of Xur’s Treasure Chest. Gaining these bounties ensures that you have enough rewards such as Treasure Keys, Strange Coins, and many exotic gears.


Players can play for the first three bounties every day; these are available only once. Then ,the last three bounties can be obtained once every week. This eases up their overall gameplay by getting them enough coins and keys.

Make Your Way to Treasure Hoard

Sword in Destiny 2

Once you have earned enough treasure keys, it is time to return to Xur’s Treasure Hoard. Here you access the Treasure Chest and open your way to access the mighty sword.

The Worth of the Other Half Sword

This is one of the most sought-after weapons in Destiny 2 because it is rare, and it screams Halo. So Halo fans would never leave a chance to achieve the other half sword. Other players, too, want to try their luck since acquiring this sword is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing.

Players do need some luck to receive the sword in a few weeks of playing. Otherwise, some players keep playing for over 50 hours with no luck and nothing.

Also, Players do need to understand that The Other Half and Half-Truths Sword are two different weapons and shouldn’t be used interchangeably. The Half-Truths sword is a more common drop than the other half.



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