Social Media Video Production Tips

Social Media Video Production Tips

Social Media Video Production Tips

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest have been using video content to conduct their digital marketing. This is a way for eCommerce business owners to engage, interact and share their marketing ideas with the targeted audience. Video content sharing has been a means of promoting a business’ brand name. Your marketing efforts can increase if you’re followers share your viral content with other friends and family members. Video and multimedia content are popularly shared on social media channels include videography, photography, podcasts, blog posts, eBooks, and more. Any of these types of content would be successful in promoting your business only if it’s done correctly. To guide you through your journey to create social media video production across any channel, we’ve compiled the top 10 tips for producing attention-grabbing digital content for your brand’s marketing campaigns!

Social Media Video Production Tips

  1. Begin with a strategy

Before you create any video content for social media channels, you must have a plan of action or strategy. Do some planning such as audience research, check out your competitors, content scheduling, set your budget, delegate task so forth. Strategizing a plan is the foundation of creating effective videos for your successful campaigns across social media channels.

You must set your marketing goals straight as to what you want to achieve on your campaign. Your goals might be that you want to increase brand awareness, spark conversations on launching your business or simply attract new followers or create new sign-ups, or drive more traffic and increase conversions and sales. What’s important is that you need to know the clear objectives of your social media videos, and these should align with your overall business goals.

  1. Keep your videos short

You must put two things into consideration when creating videos – keep them short and at the same time, capture your audience’s attention with a compelling message. Normally, people watch videos on social media that don’t last for more than 15 to 20 minutes. What you can do is extract the lesser important parts of your video and retain those that are most relevant and engaging. If your video contains information that requires a lot of explanation, consider breaking the video up into smaller segments rather than put it all into one piece.

  1. Make the first few seconds stand out

Because people nowadays only spend a few seconds watching a video then lose interest soon after, you must capture their attention immediately! To do that, start off your video with thought-provoking questions, strong hooks, inspiring quotes, powerful visuals, or appealing music. Including your logo, brand name, tagline or product/service would be a great start because people would recognize you right away. Then they would be driven into curiosity as to what you are presenting to them knowing that you’re trying to convey a message and would like to know what that message is.

  1. Focus on the story

Now that you’ve grabbed their attention, you want to keep them engaged and follow through with the video. Create high-quality content that tells a story that has wit, relevance and value. You need to connect with your audience at a personal level where you’re delivering a message to them. For instance, in Thailand, digital marketing is huge when it comes to Facebook, and part of the reason is selling brands through storytelling.  A digital marketing agency in Thailand called MOST 2414 does just that to boost its sales.  The point here is that the message conveyed by storytelling in social media marketing would tell them something that touches their lives so that they’re willing to listen. If you can achieve this, it will take your videos to the next level and give your brand even better results.

  1. End with a Call-To-Action

At the end of the video, let your audience know where to go or what to do next but not to be too salesy. However, you must circle back to the campaign goal and business objectives you’ve set during the planning stage. Because they want to have a sense of direction after viewing your video, provide them with a purpose and opportunity to act upon. For example, create a sign-up subscription form related to your products and services or receive a monthly newsletter via their email address.

  1. Add text or subtitles

Video content can reach people all over the world. Having said that, they might not understand your native language so it’s important that your message is communicated to them as well. What you must do is add subtitles to your videos to help non-native speakers and hear-challenged users to easily consume your content. This is equally important that videos shared on almost all social media platforms begin playing automatically without sound. For this reason, it’s important that you include subtitles in your videos to get your message across and that they don’t miss out on any information. Besides, we all multitask these days so people might be watching videos while doing something else and they often do so without sound.

  1. Add music to your videos

Music will always set an energetic tone to your videos just like it would in everyday life. It’s important to choose a type of music that complements but enhances this energetic tone of your video that we had just mentioned. Pay attention to how your music lyrics so that the words don’t express an irrelevant or inappropriate impression of your video which distracts the viewer from receiving the actual message of your video.

  1. Check to see how you’re doing

After working so hard in creating video content for social media platforms, it’s important to measure and analyze the results of your efforts. This process should be done during and after the campaign period. Keep track of important metrics to see how many people are viewing, engaging with, and sharing your content. With the help of a powerful social media management tool like eClincher, you can easily monitor your brand’s campaign across all social channels while also keeping an eye on your competitors. eClincher can help you track, analyze, and optimize your social media videos to give you an idea on how you’re progressing, how effective your content has been, and ways that you can improve.

Here you are again, 8 of the most important and vital tips you need to know to succeed with creating social media videos for your campaign. We believe that if you apply these 8 tips to creating compelling videos on social media will largely increase your brand’s presence and relevance to stand out from a the highly competitive world of social media marketing.


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