Record-Breaking Lottery Jackpots 


With the possibility of becoming mega-rich from winning a lottery, there’s always that need to understand how much one can win. Big jackpots come in any size. Some jackpots like the Texas Cash Five are known to reset once the prize hits a specific amount. At the same time, some will keep on piling until it reaches a cap or until someone wins.

Given the competition among the various jackpot services and multiple players, it is not uncommon to learn of winners walking away with millions of dollars. Several jackpot records have gone into the Guinness book of records as being extraordinary or being of the largest amount. Also, winning big happens anywhere, from when you play the Irish lottery online to any other major international lottery. 


Some of these record-breaking lottery jackpots include;

The biggest jackpot ever won in the world was in 2016 when the $1.586 Multi-state Lottery Association’s US Powerball prize was won. The winning was divided among three individuals from Tennessee, Florida and California, with each one taking home $533 from the prize. 

The jackpot grew to such levels due to the accruing rules. The previous 9 jackpots had no winner allowing the amount to keep adding up. 

Various jackpot winnings have since come close to hitting this highest amount to no success. For example, a $1.537billion Mega Millions jackpot was won in October 2018, and another of $1.05billion won in January 2021. 

  • Greatest jackpot won by an individual 

The world’s largest jackpot won by an individual is $1.537 won in 2018 by an individual who opted to remain anonymous. The single-player from South Carolina had bought the lottery ticket from Michigan state before cashing it in. 

The prize won at this point remains the second-largest ever jackpot prize won in the world. The third highest ever jackpot was the hit in January 2021 someone won $1.05billion. Both of these jackpots were from Mega Millions.

While America dominates the highest jackpots won, Europe has also had a fair share of big jackpot winners. For example, someone in New Zealand won €210million in February 2021. The jackpot was from Euro Millions. 

Euro Millions has also had a hand in other top European jackpot winnings like €200million won in France, an increase from €190 which was won the previous year from the same platform. The €190, however, has been won four times with winners from Spain, Portugal and two from England.

  • Largest racecourse jackpot 

The largest racecourse jackpot in relation to a stake was won in June 1997 in China by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. The bet involved a triple trio jackpot, which is predicting the first, second and third horses in the second, third and fifth races of the day. The bet on the race at the Happy Valley Racecourse stood at €15.8million, for a stake of €0.85. This remains one of the biggest winning margins from a stake. 

  • Largest cryptocurrency jackpot winner 

The betting world is one of the industries to have embraced cryptocurrencies due to the speed of transactions, security and lack of government interference. As a digital currency, cryptocurrency bettings tends to occur online. The largest of the online tournaments with a cryptocurrency winner was in Costa Rica, on 24th July 2019. 

The VENOM tournament ran for two days, with the winner walking away with 104.23BTC, at the time worth €843,872. 

  • The biggest daily jackpot prize 

When you think about the daily jackpot prize, it never seems like anything much compared to the multi-millions from the biggest world awards. Still, some people win considerable amounts of money from these daily prizes. The most one can win is $1000 daily for a lifetime. However, you can still opt to get a $7million lump sum payout. These are life-changing money. The fact that there is a chance to win every single day makes it even a better deal.

The US’ lottery Cash4Life currently offers the highest daily jackpot winnings possibilities. At the same time, Ireland Daily Million and Italy’s MillionDAY also have noteworthy rates. For both, you stand a chance to win $1million every day. 

  • Raffles with the biggest prizes 

Raffles are the simplest to play and easiest form of lottery to win. That already should give you an idea that they come with low prizes to be won. The raffles can either be lottery or stand-alone.

Most of the stand-alone raffles take place during special occasions like specific holidays. However, lottery raffles are the most common as they are played along with the lotteries. They, therefore, have smaller winning margins. Some of the notable raffles include the Spain Euro Millions with the possibility of winning €1million from every draw. 

Bottom Line

Just like any other record, the ones for the biggest lottery winnings still stand to be broken. Are you ready to make history as one of the biggest lottery jackpot winners in history? Join Lotto to start your journey to the millions. 



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