OSRS – Working the Dragon Axe with Preserve

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Preserve can be a handy prayer to have if you’re wielding the Dragon Axe.

Players that are looking to invest their time and OSRS GP into an effective weapon could opt for the Dragon Axe. There are a few advantages to it, including it being used with certain OSRS items for sale and other skills. This article will be looking into more detail on the Dragon Axe, and the reasons as to why you should be going after your own axe. 

What is the Dragon Axe in OSRS?

One of the main reasons that you should be looking for the Dragon Axe is the power that it has behind it. Not only does it take second place in the strongest axe in the game for woodcutting, it also has the second fastest woodcutting axe traits too. This is second only to the Crystal Axe, and is level on stats in this area with the 3rd Age Axe. If you have a Rune Axe, then you can consider the Dragon Axe as more efficient choice for chopping logs. 

Techfreesoft.com_OSRS Dragon Axe

It serves a couple of primary purposes in Old School Runescape. Naturally, it’s a weapon that you can use to smite your foes. To use it for this purpose, then you’ll need an attack level of 60. The other use for the axe is for woodcutting. To be able to use the Dragon Axe as a woodcutting tool, then you will require a woodcutting level of 61. That said, the latter use is available to you at level 58 if you already have level 60 attack. 

Upgrading the Axe

There’s the option to upgrade the axe to make the Infernal Axe. Before you start looking into OSRS gold for sale, you should probably take note of the requirements to get it first. These requirements include level 85 firemaking to allow the creation of a smouldering stone. The combination of this stone and the Dragon Axe will then upgrade it to the Infernal Axe. This is a great axe for you to have, especially because it has ability to burn through 5,000 logs before it begins to degrade. 

With a singing bowl, you’ll be able to make the powerful Crystal Axe too. This method also requires a crystal tool seed and 120 crystal shards. The stats level requirements meanwhile include level 76 for both smithing and crafting. Players that are not able to make one themselves can gather an extra 60 crystal shards (180 altogether) and get either Reese or Conwenna to sing the crystal.

Special Attack with Preserve

Before we get onto the weapon’s use with Preserve, let’s first take a look at what the special attack is for the OSRS item. The attack is called Lumber Up, and offers you a +3 boost in woodcutting. When you use this, you will concede 100% of your special attack energy. It’s worth pointing out at this point that you will need to have reached level 60 in attack to be able to use Lumber Up.

Another point worth mentioning is the boost that comes from Lumber Up will not be stacking with any other boosts that you have. It will be used as your primary boost if it’s used as the same time as the other. You could use a cape boost that would be quicker in the time that it takes for the effect of the special attack to wear off. 

Meanwhile, Preserve is a forgotten prayer that is obtained by the player during their visit to the Chambers of Xeric. You will need to have a prayer level of 55 to make use of Preserve. Once you receive this as a reward, you can then activate it for the minimum of 15 seconds that it needs before it can become active. 

How does this benefit the Dragon Axe? When using Lumber Up, you will find that it lasts between 2-3 minutes and will decay three times too. Whether this is enough time for you to use it depends entirely on the situation that you are using it for. If you feel like you need to get more time out of Lumber Up, then you can do so using Preserve. When using this prayer, players will see a rise in the duration of its use by 50%.

There shouldn’t be any need to buy OSRS gold to get this weapon, but use a trusted OSRS gold website if you do choose to. Once you’ve grinded your way to the level requirements, you could find yourself wielding some of the best axes OSRS has to offer.

Have you acquired this OSRS Drgon axe? Let us know in the comments section below!


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