Looking To Download Netflix Movies: 5 Things You Should Know

Downloading Netflix Movies

If you enjoy good old-fashioned entertainment, you probably watch Netflix regularly.

Netflix is by far the largest streaming service in the world, with over 183 million paying customers streaming from virtually every country on the planet.

True, a large portion of Netflix’s success stems from its vast repertoire, including an ever-expanding collection of original material accessible nowhere else.

However, Netflix’s success in drawing viewers is also significant to its user-friendliness.

Netflix is accessible on nearly every central platform and offers a plethora of extra options that allow you to watch how you want.

Downloading Netflix Movies

What Are The Things You Should Know Before Downloading Netflix Movies?

Like The PirateBay, Netflix also has a vast collection of movies and web series. However, you can’t just go to its archive and download a movie you want. There are certain things you must keep in mind before downloading the movie.

Let’s find them out:

1: Make Sure Your Netflix Is Updated

First and foremost, ensure that your Netflix app is up to date.

If your device isn’t configured to auto-update, open the play store or app store, and update the Netflix app from there.

If you want to use Netflix for Windows 10, go to the Store on the taskbar or Start menu.

Now, select your user icon, and then choose Downloads or Updates.

Finally, click Check for Updates, and the Netflix program will begin upgrading.

2: Choose Your Download Quality

Netflix has two download quality levels: Standard and Higher.

Standard occupies less space on your device and allows you to download the movie/show faster, but High requires more space and patience.

On the other hand, high-definition videos take up more space in your device, and they also show the content in a quality ranging from 720p to 1080p, even though Netflix does not mention that.

Which one you desire will be determined by the amount of free space you have and the type of device you’re using.

The aesthetic of standard mode may seem acceptable on your new phone, but a higher resolution may be better on your tablet or laptop.

3: Choose The Stuff You Want To Download

Everything you see on Netflix is not available for download.

However, the company has categorized downloadable films in a specific area aptly titled “Available for Download.”

When you pick TV Shows or Movies, this category will appear as a sub-menu amid the other genre selections.

It will be the last choice beneath the Home area on Windows 10 devices.

If you’re using the Netflix app for iOS or Android, you can also see the available titles under the Downloads menu.

4: Watch The Titles

All Netflix content will display in the Downloads area once it has been downloaded.

On mobile devices, tap the Downloads menu, and on Windows, tap the menu button in the upper-left corner of the application.

The size and rating of the title are given precisely below it.

Simply click or press the video thumbnail to play an episode.

5: Make Sure You Have Enough Storage Space

The amount of storage space required for a download is determined by the length of the title and the resolution quality.

To get a feel of the figures, we downloaded the first episode of Stranger Things and Netflix’s The Ritual in Standard and High resolution.

The duration of The Ritual is 94 minutes. The standard version of the film took up 542MB of space, while the high-resolution version took up 1.8GB.

Stranger Things’ first episode is 48 minutes long and takes up 197.1MB in Standard resolution and 310.1MB in High.

Before deciding between Standard and High resolution, checking how much free space you have on your device is usually a good idea.

Additional Tips

  1. Not all of Netflix’s series and movies are available for download, mainly because the networks that control them have requested that they be removed from the list. The good news is that every Netflix Original we’ve found has been made accessible for download.
  2. However, there are certain limits on how many times you may download certain films and how long you have to view them. For example, you can’t download the same Money Heist episode more than three times in a single billing month.
  3. When it comes to downloading content, not every property is so liberal. Occasionally, you’ll come across a movie or episode that can only be downloaded once due to a licensing deal Netflix has with the network that owns it. Such titles will likewise expire after a week if you ignore them and disappear 48 hours after your first push play.
  4. Earlier this year, Netflix released Automatic Downloads For You, a new service for Android users. This option leverages your Netflix watching history to select and download TV series and movies in line with your likes.

Wrapping It Up

If you have a strong internet connection and unlimited storage space, you can download as many movies as you want from Netflix.

You should also ensure that your battery life is high because too many downloads can drain your phone battery much faster than you anticipated.

Therefore, if you want to know more about it, you can share your questions in the comment section below.


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