How To Install Windows 10 From USB

How To Install Windows 10 From USB

How to create a Windows bootable USB with the Media Creation Tool

how to install windows 10 from usb on old pc, first, you need the USB will be read your PC or computer. And also used to boot up. To create a Windows 10 software download bootable USB with the Media Creation Tool following these easy step

  • open the download window page in your browser and also click the download button
  • Save this application on your computer. windows 10 download free
  • When downloading is a computer, then click accept to agree to launch the application
  • Choice the installation media like USB, Flash, DVD, and ISo files, etc. when choosing one of these media then click the next option, how to download and install windows 10 from usb

How To Install Windows 10 From USB

  • Set your language ( Urdu or English ), window 10, and system. Moreover, you cannot change these setting, a checkmark next to the option and proceed and computer automatic use the option for this PC or computer, window 10 free download full version
  • Select the USB drive, then click the Next option and choice your USB Drive the list. Then the window files will start to download to your USB drive
  • window 10 download tool
  • The process of downloading takes a long time. It is depending on your internet speed.
  • Install window from USB

How To Install Window 10 using Bootable USB

  • Startup your PC or computer and plug your USB device into YOur PC or computer USB port. Then you select MY computer file and then choose the USB , window 10 update download
  • Select your language, time zone, and keyboard settings. when you arrange these settings, then you click the Next option. When you have any mistake you can change these in the future

How To Install Windows 10 From U

  • Then you click Install Now and choose the window 10 edition. NOw you click Next to start the installation process

How To Install Windows 10 From

  • Select your installation type and either select Upgrade. 
  • To install windows, you need a partition on your hard drive files. 

How To Install Windows 10 From USB 1

  • Then to delete the partitions and also select the option Delete and then OK
  • If you just delete the partition then skip step 7 if you create a new partition then follow these steps
  1. Select the drive option
  2. Now click new and select the size of your new partition and also click Next
  3. Click OK to accept
  • Select your partition and install window and click Next 

Install Windows 10 From USB

  • After the installation is complete, your computer will restart automatically 
  • Finally, sign in to your Microsoft account


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