Home Remedies that are Safe for Cats 

Safe for Cats 

For cat parents, there is so much to do when it comes to caring for their feline companion. But the good part is that there is so much joy that comes with seeing a happy and playful pet. This is why many pet parents take pet health seriously. And while there are many conditions that cats suffer from, the majority of them can be treated with simple home remedies that can be prepared in minutes. Need to learn about home remedies that are safe for cats? You will find suggestions below that will help you combat some of the common cat illnesses at home. 

Home Remedy VS Vetinarary Care

Treating your pet at home does not in any way replace visiting the vet. But it is possible to treat your cat without having to pay a visit to the clinic. You will have to make sure that you are using the right treatment and follow all the best safety practices when it comes to using cat home remedies effectively. A visit to the vet is the first call of action when you are not sure of what you are dealing with. 

Safe for Cats 

You can prescribe medications in cases when you are sure of the condition the pet is suffering from. Still, you want to look out for symptoms that may indicate that the condition is severe and be quick to get the right treatment. 

Home Remedies for Cats 

The right treatment to use will depend on the condition the feline is suffering from. And unless you are fully aware of what’s at play, you want to seek professional assistance. But when it comes to dealing with mild feline conditions, below are some of the home remedies that you can try. 

Treating Fleas on Cats 

One major problem with raising cats is that of fleas. And while you can find over-the-counter medication at the pet store that can help remedy the situation, there are simple household preparations that can also be safe to use. The good part is that you can easily prepare the remedy at home using ingredients that you are familiar with. One common method is the use of cedar chips to keep the fleas away. You can spread them around your pet sleeping area or keep them around your premises to keep insects away. 

Citric acids from the lemon can also help with keeping fleas away from cats. You can use a lemon juice spray on your cat’s coat and around their sleeping area to help them find comfort when battling with fleas. And apple cider vinegar spray mixed in water could also be used in place of lemon juice treatment as a home remedy for dealing with fleas in cats. This link https://pets.webmd.com/cats/guide/flea-prevention has more on helping your pet deal with fleas at home. 

Treating Itchy Cat Skin 

You can also make use of home remedies for helping your cat deal with skin issues. Common skin problems associated with canines include itchy skin, discoloration, or shedding of fur. A simple oatmeal preparation could help with providing natural protein and fat that can assist in relieving itchy skin in felines. You want to massage the oatmeal into your cat’s coat and allow it to stay for 10 minutes to ensure that it gets absorbed into the dermal layers. 

Vetinarary Care

Another effective treatment is the use of coconut oil as a topical treatment to help deal with itchy skin conditions in pets. It is rich in antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties that can help improve the healing of sore skin conditions and injuries. Issues of skin allergy can also be treated with the use of plain yogurt spread on your cat’s coat and left for a short while. You will have to give your cat a clean bath afterward. You may have to repeat the procedures to hasten the treatment. 


CBD for Cat Ailment


Another effective home remedy for cats is CBD oil which could be useful for dealing with many pet conditions. You will find the use of CBD to be safe for treating stress and anxiety in felines. It will also help with conditions associated with pain and inflammation. You will have to use the CBD in a spray or spread the oil around the site of injury. You can also find CBD products that are developed to help treat other conditions in pets such as allergies, injuries and also assist with helping your cat sleep better at night.


It is best to shop for products from a reputable CBD brand from a store that offers cat home remedies that you can trust. You can use the internet to shop for pet stores in your area that deal in pet care products.


Home Remedies for Cat Diarrhea


While you can find the use of a laxative to be helpful with treating diarrhea in cats, you can also find home remedies that help with eliminating some of the nasty experience your pet has to do with when they consume over-the-counter meds. Excess lactose in the diet is one of the common reasons why felines suffer from diarrhea. So it may be a good idea to be conscious about what constitutes their diet. 


A bland meal such as white rice mixed with boiled fish could be a simple remedy to help with remedying your cat’s digestion problem. An electrolyte solution like a warm meat broth added to your pet’s drinking water could also offer relief. 


Final Note 


When it comes to dealing with a cat’s ailments at home, you will find there are simple remedies that can be prepared at home that can provide relief from the condition. You want to also make sure to check with the vet occasionally to be sure that your pet is in the best mental and physical condition. 




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