Fortnitemares 2021 Features the Wrath of the Cube Queen

Techfreesoft.com_Fortnitemares 2021 Features the Wrath of the Cube Queen

This year’s Fortnitemares event is packed full of content, with new weapons, free cosmetics, a limited-time mode making a return to the battle royale.

We knew that Cubes were going to make an appearance in Fortnite’s Halloween event for 2021, but we certainly didn’t expect the ruler of the Cubes herself to visit. Fortnite has had a thing with Cubes that goes way back, and the Fortnitemares event in the game can be treated as the main event in the ongoing Cube war. Players have already fought against the Cube monsters during the past seasons, but now, the Cube Queen has turned up, together with some of her humongous underlings, known as Caretakers. These Caretakers are shadowy apparitions that are tall and foreboding; this is a romantic way of saying that they can smack you up, down, left, and right with ease. Since Fortnitemares: Wrath of the Cube Queen is now live on Fortnite, players can expect a lot of new content and skins in the Fortnite item shop that’s sure to carry them over until the end of October. So just what can players expect for Fortnitemares 2021?

Techfreesoft.com_Fortnitemares 2021 Features the Wrath of the Cube Queen

The Biggest and the Baddest

Fortnitemares: Wrath of the Cube Queen is undoubtedly the biggest Fortnitemares event to date. There’s a bunch of new modes, mechanics, and free goodies that players can earn over the coming days. Who doesn’t love free stuff, especially if it’s exclusive items that can’t be found in the Fortnite item shop?

At the heart of the event is the arrival of the titular villain, the Cube Queen herself. She’s taken over the center of the map, resulting in the construction of the Convergence. The Caretakers, her underlings, are alongside her. The purpose of the Convergence is still a mystery to players despite previously hearing about it through leaks, but players can expect the Caretakers guarding the location to pull them into The Sideways with their tendrils if they get too close. Normally, you’d want to avoid them at all costs, but according to Epic, there’s tremendous loot that awaits those who can survive an encounter with the Caretakers.

Horde Rush is Back

Horde Rush is back, baby! The mode is back for another year and we’re here for it. Horde Rush is Epic’s limited-time PvE mode that’s all about racking up high scores and outlasting waves of endless monsters. Of course, for this year, the monsters are all cube monsters. There are also some exclusive cosmetics and challenges that players can earn while playing Horde Rush, further enticing the community to jump into the mode before it goes back into the vault once more.

In Horde Rush, players will be fighting alongside their teammates to rack up their scores. They can do so by earning combos, finding score multipliers, and eliminating as many cube monsters as they can. How to win is relatively simple: survive at the locations across the map and then take down the final boss. There are also Horde Rush Quests which players can sink their teeth into, which will earn them special rewards. Players will be able to get the Cuddle Scream Leader spray, Thinking Juice back bling, and the Cube Queen banner for their efforts.

New and Returning Weapons

Should players go to The Sideways, they’ll now find a brand-new Sideways Scythe which is a melee weapon that’s exclusively found inside Sideways chests together with the Sideways Minigun and Sideways Rifle. Alongside the new tricks, some past treats are also back on the island for Fortnitemares 2021. Returns of Fortnitemares favorites such as the Witch Broom, which allows for faster travel around the island and the Pumpkin Launcher which fires Jack-O-Lantern projectiles can be used by players until the end of the event.

Ariana Grande Makes A Return

Ariana Grande just recently held a concert in Fortnite, so it’s surprising to see the pop star back in the battle royale once again. Luckily, there’s a unique twist to the pop star which makes it compelling for players to get the skin. The new Ariana Grande skin for Fortnitemares 2021 is separate from the already existing one which has multiple variants of its own. The latest Arianna Grande skin is known as the Spacefarer Ariana Grande and comes with the Captain A. Grande variant. The new Icon Series skin will also include a built-in emote called “Just Keep Breathing” that changes the pop star from an astronaut into Starfire (remember her from Teen Titans?) and a Spooky Smallz back bling. It cost of the whole bundle is expected to be around 2,800 V-Bucks.


This year’s Fortnitemares event is shaping up to be the biggest one yet. With a lot of spooky skins to be released in the Fortnite item shop and quests to finish, this is the best time for players to get their game on. There are still so many questions about the history of the Cube Wars, how they sprung to life, and why the Cube Queen herself decided to make an appearance this time around. One thing’s for sure though, and that’s no one knows what exactly the result of the ongoing war will be. What do you think of the Wrath of the Cube Queen event? Let us know down below! Or you can visit


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