EarnViews: How To Market Your Travel Agency On Instagram?

Travel Agency On Instagram


With more than 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is the top-performing social network. It is an efficient platform for promoting both individuals and businesses. Based on trends, Instagram is changing its playing field for virality and is an open platform for any niche business. Irrespective of the company or brand size, you can succeed on the platform. Furthermore, if any business has to amplify its online visibility, you can buy Instagram impressions and significantly impact your profile among the audience.

Instagram has proven to be a great visual platform for travel agencies. Experts have said that the app is perfect for travelers to promote their videos. It is easy to create breathtaking visuals of nature with the best filters available on Instagram. The app is entirely free of cost, so even beginners can also learn a lot and shall experiment with the videos. When you keep trying with different angles and effects, one day, you will be able to create a fantastic travel video. So leverage the app as much as possible!

Travel Agency On Instagram

This article will give you more insights into Instagram growth hacks for travel agencies. Let’s get started!

Why Do Travel Agents Jump On Instagram?

In the olden days, there were no chances for online marketing. With the improvement of technologies, business promotions are done with a single click. You must create a video, ad, or image with compelling captions, hashtags, on-screen text, etc., and click the symbol’ post’ to promote your travel agency. Now see the power of online media. On Instagram, it is never a doubt that drives more engagement and engages more people. On average, people spend 29 minutes on the app. 

4 Tactics To Grow Your Travel Business On Instagram

  1. Create Different Content Videos

First of all, hire a traveler for your travel agency. Make sure you have a social marketing team who will make the travel plans. The traveler you choose should be capable of traveling to different places and shooting videos for your brand. Moreover, as a travel agent, you already have tour packages for groups, families, friends, and corporates. So make your assigned traveler take the videos of their tours too. Moreover, if you plan to increase your videos’ view count, then you can try using EarnViews and get viral organically. 

  1. Customer Reviews

As you arrange more customized tour packages from your travel agency, ask your customers about the trips and create a video on them. They can share their trip experiences and how they enjoyed the entire itinerary. Ask them how was your travel services. You can create an exemplary testimonial video on Instagram by gathering all those details. 

Pro-Tip: Apart from videos, you can make them write in the comments of a particular post. Travel agents can ask for star ratings for their travel plans. 

  1. Create A Travel Business Account

Before all you do, you need creating an Instagram business account is essential. As a travel agency, keep travel related Instagram profile name. Instagram bio is more like a business card, so include all the appealing details. Also, ensure you keep the website link on your profile so that the link will redirect the viewers and they may explore more travel and tour packages. With this, they can purchase the package, and you will also generate more leads. 

  1. Utilize Instagram Stories And Highlights

The stories, IGTV helps to communicate your travel agency highlights to your Insta followers. You can introduce offers, discounts, and coupons to your stories during the peak travel season. Make the giveaways for the limited-time offer to drive more traffic to your account. As discussed earlier, highlight your customer testimonials under a separate category on Instagram. 

Similarly, go IG Live as much as possible! Live is the only option where you interact with the audience in real time. For example, make your traveler go to a particular spot and make them go for public Live. In Live, you can show them the real-time weather, scenery, etc. As IG live can be taken for 1 hour, you can take up the Live for specific places between your tours and make enjoyable content. 


As a travel agent, if you follow the above-explained points correctly, you may rank higher on Instagram. On the whole, Instagram is an unstoppable app for creativity. Creating a social media calendar for your travel plans would be best. Post your travel calendar on Instagram so the viewers can also plan their holidays with your travel agency. To succeed on Instagram, you can scroll through Instagram and shall get inspiring ideas. If you want to boost your reach, you can opt to use EarnViews and reach benefits seamlessly. If you think the article is worth to read, you can comment below! Thanks for reading! 



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