Good Girl Perfume

YSL black opium, Good Girl is made up of sensual and alluring fragrances, beautiful contrasts, and the timeless twin of modern women and the latest in life. More recently, this creative fragrance captures the intricacies of women in subtle and unusual shades of light and dark. The sweet and beautiful price of jasmine gives girls excitement and femininity. The dark side is delicious with beautiful cocoa and heady beans.

Dior sauvage

Almonds and coffee immediately lighten the aroma. Tuberculosis is eradicated in a new way that creates total bliss, and unparalleled fragrant energy that brings strength and femininity. Good Boy Herrera’s house is a symbol of royal beauty and wisdom. women perfume

Coco chanel perfume

Oh trust me, this is the best incense in my collection – it’s so beautiful and sexy. They look good in a great performance. The bottle is a dark blue glass bottle with a small heel and small details. The logo is located on the back of the bottle and on the front of the bottle. An amazing woman is the creator of taboo and fried tones and promises to get used to. chanel perfume

Flowerbomb perfume

The combination of white jasmine and tuberculosis contrasts sharply with the mysterious and deep notes of tank Benz and cocoa. The heel-shaped bottle speaks fluently for the first time, as well as the latest in femininity and femininity. Satin, rough, thin gold heels, blue glasses for the evening. perfume for women

Juliette has a gun not a perfume

To keep everyone interested, it’s not just a bottle, the juice is good too. It all depends on what I like about the scent – a deep scent. It all starts with a beautiful, deep tribal scent, nothing too subtle – perfect! marc jacobs perfume


For this taste, the dirt is relatively strong. When it dries, it turns into a sweet and salty smell that I don’t usually like, but I love incense. Cocoa is listed as a note, but I don’t see the correct smell. best perfume for women

Sauvage dior

Carolina Herrera announced a new feminine fragrance in September 2016. New wonderful oriental fragrance “Good Girl Goes Bad!” (#badgood). The smell is amazing and I really appreciate it. number one men’s cologne

Creed cologne

The incense will start burning after 2-3 hours, which will be another incense nearby. It is not as strong as my other fragrances, but I can use it for 6-7 hours just fine. Pretty Girl has a darker and sweeter scent, and I think it works best without it, but I don’t mind using it in summer. I like to use it in the dark to create effects. “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world,” she chose a good girl. -Carolina Herrera DB, by Brand. tom ford cologne


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