Can You Convert a PDF to Word Doc?

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Can You Convert a PDF to Word Doc?

Ever needed to convert a PDF to Word Doc?

PDF files are among the most important in the world. You can lock them so people can’t randomly alter the text and secure them with passwords. You can use any PDF app to open them and the files will always appear as created, with the formatting for text and images intact.

That said, there may be instances where you’ll need to edit text or alter the format. To achieve this, you need to convert it back to Word and then back to PDF.

Don’t fret, there are solutions to get this done. Check out these four solutions right here:

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Using Microsoft Word

The first way to convert PDF to Word is through Microsoft Word. Right-click on the PDF file and then select “Open With” to access it through MS Word. Once open, go to the File menu and choose “Save As.”

From there, you can choose to save the file as a DOCX or DOC file. Save it on your local storage.

Converting PDF to Word this way is one of the simplest methods available but only if you have Word. However, MS Word isn’t built to open PDF files like this. When you open the converted Word file, it might not follow the same formatting as the original document.

Images, font choices, spacing, and more might appear jumbled and out of place. You’ll have to reformat the document by hand.

Broken formatting might not seem like a big issue if you only need to convert a few pages. It does become troublesome for large files filled with images.

There’s also the fact that MS Word isn’t free. You can still pay for the Microsoft 365 subscription or try the new one-time payment option for MS Word.

Convert PDF to Word With Google Docs

Looking for PDF to Word free conversion? Do you want a solution that retains the format of the original PDF file? You can get this done with Google Docs.

Of course, this will require you to have a Google account. If you already use Gmail, you can access Google Docs from the apps menu when you open a Google Chrome browser.

When in Google Docs, select the symbol at the bottom right to launch a new document. Once it loads up, go to the File menu and select Open. Select the PDF file and it’ll open as a read-only document in your browser.

In the top middle is an option to continue opening it as a document on Google Docs. Select this and the app will automatically convert it for you. You can now edit and alter the file.

When done editing, go back to the File menu and save/download it as a DOC or DOCX file.

Don’t forget you can also use Google Docs to convert Word to PDF too. Simply open the DOC file on Google Docs and then choose to save/download it as a PDF.

PDF to Word Doc Using Online Tools

If you don’t have MS Word nor a Google account, you can still use other online tools to change PDF to Word. There are options like Adobe’s conversion tool, available on the official site. There are also a ton of third-party tools online too.

How do these work?

You’ll have to upload the PDF first. From there, click the convert button to start the process.

Some online tools will let you download the complete file as soon as it finishes. Others will ask for your email address and then send it to you. The latter also serves as a signup form, meaning you’ll get newsletters and reminders in your email.

Using these tools is a good option when you only need to change PDF to Word once or twice. If you know you’ll do it often, it’s a lot easier to simply rely on Google Docs, MS Word, or Adobe’s official converter.

Hiring Professionals

What can you do if you have a long document filled with images, unique font, and complicated formatting? What about all the footnotes and links?

For these cases, a simple conversion tool won’t suffice. You’ll need manual conversion, by hand. Of course, doing this yourself could take too much time and effort, resources you might not have to spare.

Instead, consider hiring a professional agency to do it for you. They can take the document, split it among their team members, and convert the file manually. With the right team, they can finish converting a lengthy PDF into Word in no time.

Hiring professionals will cost you more but you get the guarantee of high-quality results. You’ll also save time and other valuable resources. This allows you to focus on your business.

Convert PDF to Word Doc on Mac

Looking to convert PDF to Word on a Mac? All of the options listed above work for Mac users as much as they do for people using Windows or Linux.

However, keep in mind that Apple runs a closed network. This means some apps might not run smoothly on a Mac as much as it does on a Windows PC. This applies even more so on an iPad or iPhone.

Fortunately, there are some workarounds. You can check out some Mac-specific solutions right here at These options guarantee even Mac users can quickly convert PDFs to Word without much of a hassle.

Convert PDF to Word Now

Now you know how to convert PDF to Word Doc. You can get this done through third-party tools or with Google Docs and MS Word. If you need to convert a complex file, it’s better to consider hiring professionals.

But why stop with PDF to Word?

If you want to learn even more file conversion tips or other general technology and business steps, we’re here to help. Continue reading our other posts today for even more guides and lists.



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