Are Wallpapers Safe ToDownload?

Are Wallpapers Safe ToDownload?

Are Wallpapers Safe ToDownload?

If you have ever gone searching for new wallpapers and screensavers online then you would know this, while there is a long list of websites that offer free HD wallpapers for download. The primary concern is, are those wallpapers safe to download? Whether downloading and installing free wallpapers can put your device at risk? This is a very legitimate concern, which needs to be addressed and communicated clearly to every user willing to do so.Read through to find your answer.

Are Wallpapers Safe ToDownload?

Numerous malicious programs can come bundled withfree wallpapers and screensavers which then can infect your device.Some of which are the following;

  • Viruses

Viruses are something you must avoid at all costs as they can harm your system to an extent that you wouldn’t even be able to recover data.

  • Spyware

Spyware is used for unethical tracking and spying on the internet. From your internet search history to your live location, everything is at risk because of this.

  • Adware

Adware is something you shouldn’t be scared of for security concerns, but it definitely annoys you by showing display popups and unwanted advertisements.

  • Toolbars

This one is a mixed bracket as some toolbars like Google Toolbar are actually very helpful while others are just means of displaying unwanted ads.

And from the above list, the only thing closest to bearable is a friendly Toolbar. Having said that, it’s in your best interest that you check out the website’s terms and conditions, as companies are mandatedby law to inform users what they would be installing from a download.

Therefore, the choice is completely yours. All we can say is that it depends on where you are downloading your screensavers and wallpapers.If the site is legitimate then there’s hardly any risk attached to it. However, we still recommend you check where you are downloading them from, is there any malware warning you receive and does your anti-virus software give you alerts?

Generally, when you download your wallpapers and screensavers for your PC, Windows gives you a link to their website( forthe Theme and Appearance section) so that you get easy access to new themes and wallpaperswhen you wish.

Note: It is always better to be precautious than to put your device at risk. So, make sure to have anti-virus software installed on your computer, so that you receive instant warnings of any high-risk websites.

Best Sites To Download Wallpapers

No matter how devoted you are when it comes to sticking to your old devices, your desktop wallpaperor the screensaver on your mobile phone needs an upgrade from time to time. While searching for some cool backgrounds, we came across some of the best websites from where you can download your next background theme. Here’s a list for you tosee-through yourself and select the best one.

Top 6 Websites For Downloading Amazing Wallpapers

  1. Rare Gallery

Rare Gallery is one of the best websites that offer free wallpapers and screensavers in a wide range of resolutions including HD and widescreen. You can download free cool wallpapers by visiting their website.

There are different types of wallpaper available on Rare Gallery. You can browse the categories, view the most recent wallpapers, or simply search for specific topics. Some wallpaper categories includeHD pictures ofAnime girls,Mocah Life Quotes and images of food, animals and architecture as well.

  1. InterfaceLIFT

For those of you who want to download wallpapers for your smartphone, PC, and tablet, this website has a buffet of options to offer with over 2500 images. You can download the free samples or simply choose to spend a penny in exchange for a huge bunch of amazing wallpapers.

  1. Webshots

This website is well-known for proving a large variety of breathtaking and mesmerizing pictures and videos, which you can download and enjoy. You are offered both free and paid membership with vast storage.

  1. Nasa Image of the Day Gallery

At Nasa Image of the Day Gallery, you can download free wallpapers of different sizes and even receive a .jpg file of the image by signing up for their RSS feed.

  1. National Geographic Wallpapers

You must be familiar with the name National Geographic, as this nonprofit organization is the world’s largest scientific and educational institution. You get access to some of the best wildlife pictures as free wallpapers from their website. Their gallery gets updated daily so you don’t get bored easily.

  1. Digital Blasphemy

At Digital Blasphemy you get an image library of more than 700 wallpaper, with some of them being animated ones. While there are free samples available for you to download on your PC, access to their entire gallery is limited to those with a paying membership. You can download HD wallpapers and screensavers for your PC, Tablet and Smartphone.


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