5 Betting Strategies for Professional Rugby Bettors


When most people think about betting, they mostly go for straight outcome sports like soccer and horse racing. However, some sports provide better odds and higher chances of winning if you know your way around them. One of those sports is Rugby. In the first instance, rugby might look like a bunch of men flexing their muscles and testosterone for sport because the game is filled with so much strength and physicality. If you take a closer look at the technicalities of the game, you would find that you can explore some betting strategies that will give you substantial rewards for your money. In this article, we want to explore five betting strategies that professional rugby bettors use to stay ahead today. Enjoy!

5 Betting Strategies for Professional Rugby Bettors

Five betting strategies for professional rugby bettors 

Total Points

This betting strategy requires that you predict the total points scored at any particular moment in the game. The reason why people opt for this bet is that you can easily predict this information by looking at the team’s current form and record in their last few games. You can also bet on the stronger side to have more points at the end of the game. 

Handicap betting

Another popular strategy that professional bettors use in rugby is handicap betting. Handicap betting is when you pick the outright winner and the margin they will use to win. Bet365 sports and other reliable platforms offer their players this feature. Besides this, if a team like New Zealand is playing a relatively new rugby team, you have a safe bet if you bet on New Zealand to win with a wide margin.

The Points Difference

If you are not very experienced in rugby betting, then you might not want to gamble on points difference. However, if you are familiar with rugby and its betting rules, you can use to strategy to leverage money rewards. Points difference is the total number of points scored by a team minus the total number of points it conceded. You can easily determine this statistic by looking at the records of the team in question and its opponent. 

Underdog betting

One unfamiliar route to take in rugby betting is underdog betting. Even though it rarely happens, small teams can sometimes pull a very good game and defeat popular well-known teams. If a particularly young team shows strength and spiritedness, you can place a few bucks on them and make good money if they come through. 

Always review everything

Most rugby bettors are quick to favor the stronger side without taking a deep look at the performance of the other team. You must review all available information to help you make an informed decision. Also, look into the details of the past matches carefully before making any betting decisions in rugby.

Reasons to bet on Rugby

Rugby is an interesting sport that has gathered attention from different corners of the world. Much like some other sports, it has a potential to unite a nation. As a result, it is no surprise that betting on such a popular sport is common. Below are reasons why betting on rugby makes sense to many punters:

Rugby is a global sport

There are lots of rugby competitions that bettors can enjoy, including intercontinental tournaments and the four-yearly World Cup competition. In addition, super rugby is an 18-team competition that attracts teams from various countries across the globe.

Online betting is possible

It is safe to affirm that online betting has enjoyed a significant rise, which has also resulted in the adoption of mobile betting apps, as well as the ease to play. For this reason, rugby betting has enjoyed a lot of recognition. Now, with technological advancements, players can gamble anytime and anywhere from the comfort of their devices and homes. This has brought about an unprecedented level of comfort. However, there is also an issue of fake online platforms. However, players can check for the right license to ensure that players don’t fall victim to dubious activities.

In-play betting option

Rugby has more defined patterns that many other sports games. As teams proceed through the phases, it is possible to enjoy comfortable in-play betting experience and cutting out potential game-changing events is possible. Besides this, the strength of a team can provide you with an advantage.


Rugby is an interesting game and it can give you good financial rewards if you dedicate enough time to it. This article has shown you some of the betting strategies that leading bettors are using for the game today. You can decide to apply them right away or modify them to suit your specific choices.





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